There are a number of reasons having a hearing check is a good idea for adults over the age of 60. At Audiology Innovations, we provide complete hearing evaluations as well as many other audiology services for adults. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our audiologists in Calgary!

Here are our top 10 reasons to get your hearing checked by our audiology professionals:

1. Hearing loss is often gradual.

Because of this, you may not notice your hearing loss because you don’t know what you’re missing. Have an honest discussion with a friend or loved one and ask them if they have any concerns about your hearing.

2. Untreated hearing loss is shown to cause social isolation.

People tend to stop doing the activities they used to love to do because they don’t hear what is going on and they begin to feel embarrassed about making mistakes in their replies.

3. Hearing loss is present in 18 percent of the Canadian adult population.

It’s also 47 percent present for the Canadian population over age 60.

4. Untreated hearing loss leads to auditory brain area atrophy.

Usually after about 4.5 years, as shown by researchers at John Hopkins University.

5. You’ll have better success with devices.

Early identification and proper treatment of hearing loss shows you’ll have better success with hearing devices, should they be required.

6. It helps with diabetes.

If you suffer from diabetes, studies have shown you have double the chance to have hearing loss.

7. It improves balance.

If you suffer from a risk of falls, hearing assistance (if required) has been shown to improve people’s balance.

8. You’ll likely be less tired and depressed.

Untreated hearing loss has been shown to increase exhaustion, depression, and confidence of one’s safety and awareness.

9. We can serve as an eternal resource.

Even if you have normal hearing now, we can provide you with tips and techniques to protect and preserve your hearing for the future.

10. We can connect you with technological advancements.

There are many newly available technological advancements to help people who have hearing loss. In many cases, nobody would even know that you are wearing a hearing device.

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