Exercise for Ear Health

Did you know, exercise is important for EAR HEALTH?

We all know that exercise is important for cardiovascular, muscular, bone and even mental health. However, most of us may not be aware that exercise is also critical for good ear health.


Regular exercise that increases blood flow, provides oxygen to the structures of the inner ear. This is important for these structures to stay alive and to function properly. A lack of oxygen to the inner ear can cause permanent damage to the hair cells and our hearing.

-This is yet another reason for the new year to encourage you to get into shape or stay in your exercise routine.

-So get out and do some physical activity in a socially distanced way

Here are some easy ideas:

-walk the dog with your spouse or children. Walk normally for most of the walk but try to walk briskly for at least 10 minutes for extra benefit (my dog is in the photo below, he likes to run)

-try snowshoeing in a city park or the nearby provincial or National parks. You can rent snowshoes inexpensively at The University of Calgary Outdoor Centre 403-220-5038 or purchase them at MEC and even Canadian Tire

-try skating at an outdoor rink in town. Some of the rinks have ice bikes to try. Check online before going, especially to popular parks like Bowness park as if there is a crowd, you may not be able to visit at peak times

-x-country skiing or downhill skiing is great exercise (that’s a picture of my daughter and me to the left while we were skiing over this Christmas break)

-try fat biking in the snow. You can rent these bikes at sporting stores in Banff and Canmore. There are excellent trails in Bragg Creek and Kananaskis too

-IF it’s TOO COLD out to brave the outdoors, why not try an online class like yoga. Visit for free yoga classes

As always, if you or your loved one is experiencing challenges with your hearing, it may be time for a checkup with one of our hearing health specialists.

We are operating safely by appointment only, doing pre-appointment screening checks and sanitizing our clinics thoroughly between appointments. You can reach us via email with any questions

We Are Taking The Following Steps To Provide Safe Hearing Services To Our Patients

-We are screening each patient and staff member for symptoms before they enter our clinic.

-We are sanitizing each area that our patients and staff use continuously in between patients, as well as throughout the day.

-We are following hand washing protocol and have hand sanitizer available to our patients at all times.

-To be respectful of social distancing, we are operating by appointment only and offer email, telephone and remote support as always.

For up-to-date information during this time, please continue to monitor our website, Facebook, and YouTube page. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU

We hope this information provides you with the reassurance necessary to help you feel comfortable if you need to use our services during this time. Should you have additional questions or need more information, please contact our friendly staff today.