How to Protect Your Hearing Aids During Outdoor Activities


Many people are concerned about using their hearing aids outdoors, especially when it’s cold OR when they are doing exercise and sweating.

Top 3 considerations:

1. Fit.

People often ask if they can wear their hearing aids under a helmet. ANSWER: YES, please do! See my helmet picture to the left <<

Just be sure it fits comfortably with your hearing aids. IF you get any soreness, you may need to adjust your helmet fit a bit and/or use a bit of polysporin behind your ear at night. If you are purchasing a new helmet, be sure to try it on with your hearing aids.

3. Moisture.

If you are doing vigorous activity outdoors where you will sweat next to your hat or toque, be sure to consider trying a moisture wicking material. I like to wear a beanie under my bike helmet

3. Temperature.

Hearing aids can function from very cold to very hot temperatures (-35 to +35 or more) for several hours. IF you are going to be outside in extreme temperatures for an entire day, you should take breaks to let the hearing aids (as well as your own body, hands and feet ) come back to room temperature 🙂

So PLEASE continue to enjoy the outdoors while wearing and making use of your hearing aids safely.

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