How to Troubleshoot Common Hearing Aid Problems

Problems with your hearing aid can be extremely frustrating, especially when they affect your general comfort level and ability to hear. However, just like any other technical device, it’s not uncommon for hearing aids to have a few issues now and then. Fortunately, many of these problems are minor and can be easily resolved at home with a few basic troubleshooting steps. If you cannot resolve problems with your hearing aid, clinics that specialize in hearing aids in Calgary can help with repairs.

Here are common hearing aid problems and how to troubleshoot and resolve them on your own.


First, check to see whether the hearing aid is powered on; then inspect the battery to see if the contacts or the battery itself is corroded or damaged and needs replacing. Then, try replacing the battery to rule out whether the current battery is faulty or drained.

Next, inspect the hearing aid to determine whether debris, such as earwax, may be blocking the receiver or microphone. Use a tiny brush to clean your hearing aid or replace the wax guard, if applicable.

Lastly, try adjusting the volume on your hearing aid to make sure it hasn’t been accidentally moved or changed. If your hearing aid continues to produce no sound, contact your hearing aid provider for repairs.



The most common cause of distorted or unclear sound is a weak or defective battery. Try replacing the battery before performing any other troubleshooting.

If the battery is not the problem, try a different program or memory. It’s possible the device may have been accidentally switched to a wireless setting that requires an assistive listening device. Contact your hearing aid provider for repairs if the sound remains distorted or unclear after following these steps.


Feedback and whistling usually occur when the hearing aid is not fitting properly into the ear canal. Try removing and reinserting the hearing aid. If you have recently lost weight, it’s possible your hearing aids may need to be refitted, in which case you will need to visit your audiologist to have new earmolds made.

If your hearing aid is properly inserted, try turning down the volume, or clean your ears to remove earwax. Earwax buildup may cause the sound to bounce off blockage and cause feedback or whistling.


If your hearing aids are causing pain, soreness, itching, or general discomfort, make sure you are wearing the correct respective devices for the left and right ears. Next, try removing earwax from your ears, since earwax buildup may contribute to discomfort.

After removing earwax, apply gel or lubricant designed for use with hearing aids inside your ears to eliminate discomfort and soreness. If symptoms persist after trying these steps, it’s possible the hearing aid needs to be reshaped to fit more properly.


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