Signs Your Loved One May Have Hearing Loss

Signs Your Loved One May Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a significant problem affecting millions of people, but in its early stages, it can often be hard to detect. When left untreated, it can lead to even more problems, such as social isolation or difficulty communicating. If you suspect your loved one is experiencing hearing loss, you must bring them to Audiology Innovations in Calgary right away. Learn more about the signs of hearing loss to watch for, then contact us today.

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Asking Others to Repeat Themselves

While conversing, does your loved one frequently ask people to repeat themselves or speak up? If so, they may be struggling to hear what is being said. This sign is most likely to appear while your loved one is in noisy environments, but hearing loss can also be a problem in quiet situations.

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Turning the Volume Up Too High

If your loved one is having a hard time hearing, they may turn the volume up on their TV, radio, or smart device to the point that it’s too loud. Hearing aids can safely amplify sounds for your loved one, so consider bringing them to an audiologist for a solution.

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Struggling To Understand Conversations

Have you noticed your loved one is struggling to understand what people are saying mid-conversation? This is often a sign of hearing loss that could indicate your loved one can’t hear properly. Consider a home visit from Audiology Innovations to determine whether this is true.

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Suddenly Avoiding Social Interactions

Some individuals are naturally introverted and choose to withdraw from social interactions. But if your loved one was once a social butterfly and is suddenly avoiding others, they may be experiencing hearing loss. It’s possible that they feel embarrassed about their struggles and have difficulty communicating, causing them to withdraw.

If you’re concerned that your loved one is showing signs of hearing loss, Audiology Innovations is here to help. We have countless solutions, from hearing aids to assistive listening devices, so we can help your loved one regain their hearing. Contact us today to get started.

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