The Sounds Of Summer

Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. But it's also a time when there are a lot of potentially dangerous sounds that can damage your hearing if you're not careful. While summer is all about getting out in the sun and enjoying all the festivities, if you are at a potential risk of losing your hearing, you’ll want to take extra precautions. It is easy to put yourself in situations that can be harmful to not only yourself but your hearing.

At Audiology Innovations in Calgary, we're proud to be a leading provider of hearing tests and hearing loss solutions throughout Canada. Whether we're helping you hear your children's voices or helping you hear your favorite piece of music, our audiologists will work relentlessly to ensure that you enjoy all of the wonderful sounds that life has to offer.

Our comprehensive approach to hearing wellness is backed by decades of experience, and we can help you protect your hearing no matter what summer throws your way. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the potentially dangerous sounds that you might encounter during summer and what you can do to protect your hearing from them. If you have any questions, make sure to contact our hearing clinic in Calgary!

Dangerous Sounds



One of the most common dangers to hearing during summer is fireworks. The loud explosions can cause permanent damage to your hearing if you're not careful. If you're attending a fireworks display or a family function with even the smallest fireworks, make sure you're standing at least 500 feet away from the source of the noise. If possible, wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to further protect your hearing. And if you have young children with you, make sure they're wearing ear protection as well. Fireworks are very loud and can be damaging to anyone’s ear drums. If you have any concerns, get hearing help in Calgary today!

Live Music.png

Live Music:

We understand how fun and exciting it is to watch a live band play your favorite song. Although, this very loud music can cause very serious damage to your hearing. Whether you're attending a concert or simply listening to music at a club or bar, it's important to be aware of the potential dangers to your hearing. If you're going to be listening to live music, try to find a spot that's not directly in front of the speakers. You’ll want to stay as far back as possible, especially if you already have partial hearing loss. And if you can, wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to help protect your hearing. If you need recommendation on what hearing protection is best for you, call our team today!

Caution Sounds


Dog Barking:

While there are more dangerous sounds than others, dog barking is on the less severe side, but still rather dangerous. Depending on the severity of the dog barking, it may or may not be harmful to your hearing. We understand that it is difficult to be completely away from dogs, especially if you own one. But if you're in an area where there are a lot of dogs barking, try to move to a different location. And if you have a dog that likes to bark, try to train it to stop or keep it outdoors where it won't disturb your neighbors. Don’t be afraid to remove yourself from the noise if it is a family friend’s dog or a neighbors. Protecting your hearing is most important, and you would hate to suffer from long-term hearing loss when you can take precautions to prevent it.


Headphone Use:

What many people tend to forget when using headphones, is how dangerous they can be if used incorrectly. If you're using headphones this summer to listen to music, make sure the volume is set at a safe level. You should be able to hear the person next to you without having to strain your ears. And if you can't hear the person next to you, it's too loud. Listening to music through earbuds is one of the most harmful ways that causes hearing loss. Most people do not realize how high the volume is, and once your ear cells are damaged that can never be reversed. If you have additional questions about safe music levels, contact our team today!



We understand that for some it is impossible to completely avoid a lawnmower. Although there are certain precautions to take if you must absolutely use one this summer. If you're going to be operating a lawn mower, make sure you keep the engine noise to a minimum. Lawnmowers can be very loud, and the noise can damage your hearing if you're not careful. So when you're using a lawnmower, be sure to wear the best earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. And if you can, try to mow during the daytime when there's less traffic and fewer people around. If you can avoid lawn mowing at all costs, do so for your own ear health.

Enjoyable Sounds



One of the most enjoyable safe sounds you'll hear during summer is birds singing. Birds are a great source of enjoyment for many people, and they can actually help improve your hearing. Listening to bird songs can help increase your hearing sensitivity and improve your ability to distinguish between different frequencies. So if you're looking for a way to relax and enjoy the summer, take a walk in the park and listen to the birds or go camping and truly enjoy the beautiful sounds of chirping birds.


Water / Rain:

One of the best ways to relax and unwind from a long day is to hear water flowing or rain falling. Water is a great source of relaxation for many people, and it can actually help improve your hearing. When you listen to water, it can help increase your hearing sensitivity and improve your ability to distinguish between different frequencies. So if you're looking for a way to relax and enjoy the summer, take a walk near a river or waterfall and listen to the water flowing. Or find a comfortable spot and listen to the rain falling.



One of the best things about summer is that it's a time when people are generally happy and relaxed. And one of the best sounds you'll hear during summer is laughter. Laughter is good for your health, and it can actually help improve your hearing. It has been seen that laughter can help increase blood flow to the inner ear, which can improve hearing. So if you're looking for a way to relax and enjoy the summer, spend time with friends and family and laugh as much as you can.

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The most important thing to remember is that everyone should enjoy their summer. At Audiology Innovations, we want you to enjoy all the sounds of summer without having to worry about damaging your hearing. We hope that you just take the necessary precautions in every situation and take care of your ear health. Whether you have hearing loss or not, everyone can take hearing protection seriously. If you have any questions about hearing loss or hearing protection, feel free to contact us today. We're always happy to help! Call today for hearing help!