Tips to Keep Rechargeable Hearing Aids Charging


The majority of new hearing aid users (80%) in Canada choose rechargeable hearing aids.

Why do so many patients choose rechargeable hearing aids today?:

Convenience-you don’t have to worry about packing batteries or changing them

Safety- Pets and young children can get seriously ill from swallowing a battery

Environmental-less waste going to the landfill

Dexterity-no more tricky insertion of batteries or worrying about dropping them

SOMETIMES however, the charging system can stop working or work less effectively over time

Here are 3 top tips to keep your charging system working optimally

1. Do NOT store your hearing aids in a humid or moist environment such as your bathroom. Moisture can damage the electrical components of your hearing aids, especially your charging system at the metal contact points.

2. DO wipe off the contacts on the hearing aids monthly AND in the inner portion of the charger with a dry lint free cloth. Ask us for a free one if you don’t have the one that came with your hearing aids.

3. DO check the desiccant in your charging system. If it has changed color from light peach, contact us for a free replacement.

Try these 3 TOP TIPS if you have any issues with your hearing aids charging when you put them in your charger, IF they aren’t holding their charge as long as they used to OR they aren’t charging at all.

Also, if you have battery operated hearing aids, now you know that rechargeable hearing aids are available and offer great convenience for some patients.

As always, contact us for any further information 403-802-6022

Remember that we are available to assist you and we suggest you come in for testing:

1. If you or your loved one are over 60 and never had a hearing evaluation.

2. If you haven’t been tested for 2 or more years and you have hearing aids.

3. If there are any NEW changes to your hearing ie. feeling like you don’t understand what you hear, or are having more difficulty hearing when people are wearing masks. Your hearing aids may need a little ‘tune-up’!

Remember to check out our website and the audiology innovations YouTube channel to find more educational videos and info about hearing health.

Stay safe and be well

Dr. Carrie Scarff