Audiology Innovations is proud to provide high-quality hearing tests and assistive listening devices throughout Canada, and we have two office locations in Calgary for your convenience. From hearing evaluations to listening training programs, we have many different audiology services for our patients. Our audiologist and other staff members can help address your potential or current hearing issues and educate you on handling them. 

In this blog, you’ll find articles and information about audiologists in Calgary as well as relevant hearing services. From important updates in the audiology field to simple tips and advice posts, we’re sure you can find the answers to your questions here. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

  1. happy holidays audiology innovations calgary

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Happy holidays everyone! Each of us has learned to use technology in new ways over the past 9 months due to covid. In many ways this has been extremely positive. We can connect with family and loved o…Read More

  2. Why Can I Hear But Not Understand? audiology innovations calgary

    Why Can I Hear But Not Understand?

    It's good to see you. We are glad you are back! Our communities are opening up gradually with smart safety guidelines all around. We are glad to see more of you in our clinics once again. Did you know…Read More

  3. hearing loss guide dog

    Sandra and Chanty

    “I had the great pleasure of meeting my local hearing professional colleague’s hearing dog recently. Sandra is a local hearing professional who recently received her hearing dog Shanty. Shanty is …Read More

  4. Why You Should Support Your Local Audiologist

    When it comes to finding an audiologist you can trust, going local is one way to ensure who you’re going to a professional truly cares about you and your best interests. You shouldn’t buy your hea…Read More

  5. What To Expect During A Hearing Evaluation

    Did you know that you should get your ears checked at least every two to five years? You might already be on top of this, but if you aren’t, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Also, if not knowing wha…Read More