I worked in the Petroleum industry for 30 years. During that time I was heavily involved in commissioning, start up and shutdown of Oil and Gas processing units. This work involved starting up and shutting down boilers, turbines, pumps, compressors – all noise generators.

I did wear hearing protection, ear muffs & ear plugs, but found my hearing loss getting progressively worse. When I retired and started contracting back to industry, I had to position myself in center of meeting rooms to ensure I could hear conversations Having to ask people to repeat themselves & speak up was a very unsatisfactory condition.

I had thought my hearing loss was irreversible and was reconciled to missing much of what my grandchildren were saying. My family Doctor suggested I visit an Audiologist, and Dr. Scarff , was recommended to me. As I still contract into industry, the need to hear, listen and understand is critical Dr. Scarff recommended that I try the lyric hearing devices, which I did.

The change was amazing, after missing so much soft voice conversations in the past I can now hear all conversations, and I can raise or lower the level of sound as required.

The Lyric devices have allowed me to be a part of all conversations, business and pleasure. I would strongly recommend and endorse the Lyric and Dr. Scarff’s clinics for anyone who has experienced hearing loss

VP of Operations

Cam Clark Ford