I have had the pleasure to meet both, Dr. Carrie Scarff and Elan Feldman of Audiology Innovations.

They have held presentations at the two senior buildings I manage. Both of these were successful and very much appreciated by our tenants and staff. Both Carrie and Elan are very friendly, knowledgeable, and interact well with the tenants.

The work they do is second to none. They are trustworthy and reliable and communicate very well with our senior tenants. One of the best things about this team is that they provide on-site visits, making this service far more accessible to tenants. For the tenants who are “shut-in” and unable to travel, this is of utmost importance and has been a welcome benefit to them.

In addition, they provide funding assistance to low-income seniors, which is absolutely vital when one is on a fixed income. They take care of the paperwork and tenants are left with a feeling of “being looked after”.

The tenants who attended their presentations were very enthusiastic and open to becoming clients of Audiology Innovations. The presentations are straight forward and very informative, comfortable and friendly. Since presenting at our buildings, several of our tenants have become clients and speak very highly of the care and attention they continue to receive.

I have sent tenant referrals to Carrie and Elan, and they have been attended to immediately and efficiently. There is never any delay.

I would strongly encourage you to consider a presentation to your tenants and/or staff. It is very worthwhile and provides a good, affordable service to our senior community.


Manager, Grace Manor/Grace Gardens


JoAnne Peterson