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Global News Interview

Tuesday May 9th, 2017

Thanks for watching our interview on Global News Calgary in honor of Hearing and Speech Awareness Month! We're bringing together information and videos for you to get more information about the topics that we covered.

Recent Canadian statistics (published in 2015) show that hearing loss is more common than we thought.
Many people don’t even realize they have hearing loss because it’s typically gradual in nature. The stats are clear however, almost 1/5 adults has some hearing loss so it’s important to get checked, especially by age 60. If there is an issue, fortunately there is plenty we can do to counteract hearing loss and help people continue to hear what’s important to them throughout their lifetime such as music, loved ones, grandchildren. There is evidence that untreated hearing loss leads to reduced social stimulation and supports, increased risk of falls and more rapid cognitive decline as we age, therefore hearing loss treatment should be considered if there’s a problem.

Hearing Loss Is More Common Than We Thought

of Canadian Adults

of Canadian Adults Over 60

Hearing Loss Is Related to Permanent Detrimental Effects

Research shows untreated hearing loss is related to permanent detrimental effects. Our brain follows the ‘Use it or lose it principle. Research studies by Dr. Frank Lin-John’s Hopkins shows auditory cortex atrophy after 4 1/2 years of untreated hearing loss.

Fortunately, recent research supports the positive impact of hearing loss treatment on the brain.

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And certainly, consider treatment if there’s a problem. There are many great new options for treatment that are even invisible such as the Lyric Implantable Device.

Phonak Lyric video - Discover the Delights of 24/7 Hearing

A View In the Ear Of How Lyric Works

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