1. Visit their website and create an account

2. Click ‘Go’ on ‘SoundSuccess’

3. Click ‘Video Player Settings’ in the bottom right-hand corner

4.In “Video Player Settings”, you can listen to each speaker to rate them yourself with 1 stars are the most difficult to understand and 5 stars being are the easiest to understand and speech read. Whichever speaker you leave up on the video at the right side of the screen will be the default speaker for all activities.

5. Click ‘Home’ (Top left corner)

6. Click on ‘Getting Started’

7. Select an activity and subtopic

8. Improve your hearing skills by swapping between speakers, activities, and subtopics

There are options under the video for the following:

  • Choose the easiest rated speaker, with the video on, and no background noise

  • Change to any speaker to the one you want to listen to

  • Adjust noise level from no noise to challenging noise

  • Turn the video off to take away visual cues