Here are some symptoms to help you determine if your friend, family or loved one may have hearing loss:

  • Turning up the TV or radio louder than others
  • Asking family or friends to repeat frequently
  • Thinking everyone mumbles
  • Avoiding activities because they can’t hear at them
  • Frequent ringing in the ears
  • Difficulty hearing on the telephone
  • Difficult hearing in a ‘crowd’ or where background noise is present

If they experience two or more of these symptoms frequently:

Suggest they have their hearing examined by a qualified hearing professional such as at our clinics. Support them by accompanying them to the appointment.

Remind them that hearing loss is common, especially over age 60 and that there are important reasons to consider treatment if they have hearing loss such as brain health.

The latest Canadian research shows that hearing loss is present in 47% of those over 60 and that on average, individuals take between 7-10 years to take action. Research in the Journal of the Geriatric Society of America (2015) showed increased cognitive decline in those aged 50+ with hearing loss who did not wear hearing aids compared to those who did.

Encourage them to at least consider trying hearing aids or other assistive devices recommended by their hearing professional.

There are several types of hearing aids and devices and financial support programs available for seniors of all income levels. We can help them find financial applications to assist them.

Assistive devices such as amplified telephones, headphones and shake awake alarm clocks, may also be of help (available at Deaf & Hear Alberta).

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