Leah is a Registered Audiologist who got her Masters of Clinical Audiology from Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, and her Undergrad in Psychology from the University of Calgary. She grew up always striving to help others; from fundraisers for the Humane Society to volunteering at the Mustard Seed. Her volunteer work with A.R.B.I, a rehabilitative program here in Calgary, and her own personal experiences with communication breakdowns and the difficulties they bring, cemented her decision to work in rehabilitative sciences. Now Leah’s focus is helping people with the hearing side of their communication needs and supporting them through their journey with hearing loss.


Although she misses the warmer weather some days, she certainly doesn’t miss any of the bugs and is happy to be back home in Calgary and exploring an area of town that is new to her at our Mission location.


While abroad she gained experience working with both pediatric and adult patients in Australia, and even had the opportunity to help screen for hearing loss with nonprofit pediatric organizations. She enjoys keeping up to date with the latest scientific advances in the field and seeing how hearing aid and assistive device technology changes with these advancements.