1. Exercise for Ear Health audiology innovations calgary

    Exercise for Ear Health

    Did you know, exercise is important for EAR HEALTH? We all know that exercise is important for cardiovascular, muscular, bone and even mental health. However, most of us may not be aware that exercise…Read More

  2. happy holidays audiology innovations calgary

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Happy holidays everyone! Each of us has learned to use technology in new ways over the past 9 months due to covid. In many ways this has been extremely positive. We can connect with family and loved o…Read More

  3. Eating for Your Ear Health

    DID YOU KNOW THAT WHAT YOU EAT CAN AFFECT YOUR EAR HEALTH? Our diet affects every aspect of our bodies including our ears. Foods that help us keep our ears healthy include those that include: Potassiu…Read More

  4. Why Can I Hear But Not Understand? audiology innovations calgary

    Why Can I Hear But Not Understand?

    It's good to see you. We are glad you are back! Our communities are opening up gradually with smart safety guidelines all around. We are glad to see more of you in our clinics once again. Did you know…Read More

  5. giving thanks audiology innovations calgary

    Giving Thanks

    Thanks for your support With your help, we donated $500 to seniors in Calgary. The non-profit agency CARYA will distribute grocery cards directly to seniors in need in Calgary on our behalf. If you di…Read More

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    Do Hearing Aids make my Hearing Worse?

    One of the most frequently asked questions our clinicians receive from both new and recurring patients is if their hearing loss will worsen due to the usage of their hearing aids. This is a great ques…Read More