1. giving thanks audiology innovations calgary

    Giving Thanks

    Thanks for your support With your help, we donated $500 to seniors in Calgary. The non-profit agency CARYA will distribute grocery cards directly to seniors in need in Calgary on our behalf. If you di…Read More

  2. Hearing Loss and the Brain: Updated Research 2020

    In 2017, due to the worldwide growing ageing population, the Lancet reported their findings on their Dementia Commission report on risk factors and rehabilitation options. Their results for Dementia r…Read More

  3. Featured Image

    Do Hearing Aids make my Hearing Worse?

    One of the most frequently asked questions our clinicians receive from both new and recurring patients is if their hearing loss will worsen due to the usage of their hearing aids. This is a great ques…Read More

  4. elderly woman touching temples

    Hearing and Mental Health – Part 2: Dementia

    Hearing loss affects much more than someone not being able to hear as well as they did before. Numerous studies have shown that hearing loss, if left untreated, can increase social isolation, feelings…Read More

  5. Balance and Hearing Aids

    Hearing and Mental Health – Part 1: Balance

    When most people think of hearing loss, they typically think it affects just that, their hearing. However, hearing loss affects more than you think, including mental health, physical health, social in…Read More

  6. How to Troubleshoot Common Hearing Aid Problems

    Problems with your hearing aid can be extremely frustrating, especially when they affect your general comfort level and ability to hear. However, just like any other technical device, it’s not uncom…Read More