Hearing Loss Resources are available in Calgary and Online. We are including some of our favourites for you to peruse:

Deaf and Hear Alberta is a non-profit agency which provides:

  • Information and services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Classes on speechreading/lipreading, managing hearing loss, American Sign Language
  • Lectures on hearing loss related topics such as Tinnitus
  • Assistive devices to help improve communication –check their e-store-they also offer On-Site assessments for your home!
  • American sign language interpreting services
  • They are located at 63 Cornell Road NW Subscribe to the Deaf and Hear Alberta’s e-newsletter list to learn about their upcoming activities and events

Deaf and Hear Alberta specialized staff offer on-site assessments at home ($85) or in the workplace ($250) to make communication suggestions

They offer trials of assistive devices such as pocket talkers, telephones, alarm clocks, smoke alarms etc.

Appointments can be booked within approximately one week with Kathy or Rytch at 403-284-6200. They can assist you in applying for funding for these assistive devices if you are on a low income.

Sign-Up for Classes from the Deaf and Hear Alberta

Hearing loss can make you feel like you’re losing control. Your hearing is changing and it feels like there is little you can do. The good news is that there are coping strategies that you can learn. Learning more about hearing loss can help you gain understanding and perspective. There are also new skills that you can learn that can help you improve your ability to communicate on a day-to-day basis. Classes are also a good way to meet others in similar circumstances and learn that you are not alone.

Hear Alberta offers a full array of classes and workshops aimed at improving understanding and awareness of hearing loss, its causes and how to manage it. We also offer specific courses, such as Speechreading, which involve learning new skills which can make hearing loss easier to manage.

  • Managing Your Hearing Loss
  • Beyond Hearing Aids
  • Speechreading/Lip-reading Classes
  • Hearing Matters for the Workplace
  • Book a Class in the Community
  • Special Education Events
  • Hearing Loss Book Club

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Calgary

CHHA is Canada’s only nation-wide non-profit consumer organization run by and for hard of hearing people. We have an excellent group of people involved in the Calgary organization who organize informative speakers.

The American Tinnitus Association (ATA)

An excellent resource for anyone suffering from tinnitus. This organization are heavily involved in looking for a cure for the condition.

Hear A

Dr. Sandra Vandenhoff is an Audiologist who provides online services and support for those with hearing loss. She teaches courses on speechreading and has written an excellent guide about getting the best out of your hearing aids as well as a guide for significant others. She is also an expert in the Listening in noise training system LACE.

E-Book: Hear Better in 60 Days: Keys to Success with Hearing Aids

E-Book: Hearing Aids: We all Win When They’re In! A Guide For Significant Others

Action on Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

From the Royal National Institute of the Deaf, this UK based charity provides education on hearing loss, hearing aids and tinnitus.

Workers Compensation Alberta

Can provide a significant hearing aid subsidy for those suffering from occupational noise-induced hearing loss.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Veterans of the armed forces may be entitled to subsidy to cover the cost of hearing aids.

Campbell McLaurin Foundation

A source of funding for hearing aids for low income Southern Albertans.

There are many other sources of information for people with hearing loss. We try to update our blog with useful information, like home design tips for the deaf and hearing impaired. And, of course, there are plenty of other third party outside sources with great information as well.

Downloadable Forms:

Referral Form

Patient Information Form (PDF)

TIPS for Communicating with Someone who has Hearing Loss (PDF)

What to do if you think you have Hearing Loss (PDF)


We are each here working hard to help you hear your world better!

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Our staff. We each have unique reasons why we want to help you hear better.



We want to know what each patient’s unique hearing challenges are. We therefore complete a thorough audiometric test battery as well as ‘listening in noise’ testing. This gives us a better understanding of the ‘real world’ hearing abilities you have.



There is extensive research to show that early identification and treatment is critical to good brain health.