I have recently experienced the services from Dr. Carrie Scarff of Audiology Innovations. I knew Dr. Scarff through my connections with Speechreading (Lip-reading) classes that I have taught for 20 years. She volunteers to attend the Hearing Aid lesson of the 10 week course to offer her expertise, tips and advice as an Audiologist who has done extensive research on how you hear with your brain along with the hearing aid instrument. The students appreciated her answering their questions and concerns without the pressure typically associated with hearing aid dispensers.

I went to Dr. Scarff for my own hearing needs and after a thorough hearing assessment was fitted with the latest behind the ear, receiver in the canal aids, for both ears. Dr. Scarff was very patient and understanding as we worked together to slowly integrate my hearing loss with the advanced features of the equipment. At every visit she inquired how I was doing and what I was having difficulties with. She took notes and explained what adjustments she would make as well as what she wanted me to work on until our next visit. When there was something that came up that she was unsure of she called the manufacturer directly and got the answer(s) she needed. She is extremely knowledgeable but very empathetic to the emotional side of dealing with a hearing loss and always kind, respectful and encouraging.

Thank you Dr. Scarff for your professionalism and personal touches that made this process so successful.

Jan Stewart - Calgary, AB