After several years of decline in my hearing, I finally asked around for recommendations for a top notch audiologist. Several people recommended Dr. Carrie Scarff. While it was tough to face the fact that my hearing wasn’t what it once was, I bit the bullet and went and saw Carrie. She was (and is) fantastic.

After full testing and a thorough discussion of my impaired hearing, we then discussed possible hearing aid solutions. I chose the Lyric in ear hearing aids, partially for convenience, and to be honest, partially for vanity. They work perfectly in every challenging sound situation from soft conversation in a large room, theatres, and even noisy restaurants.

I LOVE what I call my delicious new hearing ! I have hearing clarity that I haven’t had for years. I clearly waited too long before dealing with this. Music sounds better. I don’t miss parts of conversation. I don’t tune out when things are hard to hear.

Thank you Carrie.

Jeff Kovitz - Calgary