Hearing loss affects everyone involved with the person with hearing loss and can be especially challenging for family members.

Did you know that hearing loss is commonly first noticed by family members and friends?

WHY? Because hearing loss is often gradual. Someone with a hearing loss doesn’t
always realize what sounds, words and voices they are missing unless someone points it

Unfortunately, on average it takes 7-10 years before people with hearing loss SEEK HELP and
this delay is not healthy for the brain as shown on research from John’s Hopkins Medical Centre
and new research in the Lancet (2017).

Therefore, we suggest that if you have concerns about your family member that you consult
our pages to learn more and start the conversation with them about their hearing loss if they
have one.

People with improved hearing get the most out of life, which is good for relationships, self confidence and brain health.

We have put together some educational information to help educate and guide family
members. The following topics are included: