1. Dear Dr. Scarff

    I am writing to you to express my elation over the restoration of my capability to participate in group meetings. Even with very high end hearing aids, I was losing my ability to contribute. I serve on a Board of Directors and a couple of Advisory Committees. These activities, and the ability to take part in any group discussions are critically important to me.  I returned from my first Board mee…Read More

    Hal Rainforth, Calgary
  2. Quality Of Care

    We work closely with related medical and health professionals and have gained their trust and respect as well: I am always confident that Audiology Innovations will provide my patients with the unparalleled expertise and quality of care they deserve as far as their hearing needs are concerned.  …Read More

    Dr. Rob Burke - Otolaryngologist
  3. Trustworthy

    The work they do is second to none. They are trustworthy and reliable and communicate very well with our senior tenants. For the tenant who are "shut-in" and unable to travel they provide on-site visits, making this service far more accessible to tenants, this is of utmost importance and has been a great benefit to them.    …Read More

    Joanne Peterson, Gracewood Housing
  4. The Change Was Amazing

    Based on my hearing loss, Dr. Scarff recommended that I try the lyric hearing devices, which I did. The change was amazing, after missing so much soft voice conversations in the past, I can now hear most all conversations, and I can raise or lower the level of sound as required.…Read More

    Kim Clark, Calgary
  5. Thank you Carrie

    After several years of decline in my hearing, I finally asked around for recommendations for a top notch audiologist. Several people recommended Dr. Carrie Scarff. While it was tough to face the fact that my hearing wasn’t what it once was, I bit the bullet and went and saw Carrie. She was (and is) fantastic. After full testing and a thorough discussion of my impaired hearing, we then discussed …Read More

    Jeff Kovitz - Calgary
  6. Strongly Recommend

    The Lyric devices have allowed me to be a part of all conversations, business and pleasure. I would strongly recommend trying a device for anyone who has experienced hearing loss.…Read More

    Kim Clark, Calgary
  7. Gained My Hearing Back

    I had thought my hearing loss was irreversible and was reconciled to missing much of what my grandchildren were saying.    …Read More

    Kim Clark, Calgary
  8. The Need To Hear

    My family doctor suggested I visit an Audiologist, and Dr. Scarff's clinic, Audiology Innovations, was recommended to me. As I still contract to industry, the need to hear, listen and understand is critical.    …Read More

    Kim Clark, Calgary
  9. Easy To Call In And Get Information

    I found it particularly easy to call in and get information from the first time I called your office. Your staff answered the phone in a way that was calm, receptive and engaging. I feel that you were each very present in your work. Thank you for the amazing team that you are.    …Read More

    Erica Olson, Canmore